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I am thrilled to announce the launch of 2016! Reptilemind is the creative portfolio of Christopher Hayes, visual artist.

ReptileMind was officially launched as a dot com on April 29th 2003 but it's origins stretch back to somewhere in mid 1998 (this being roughly it's tenth edition). The site's early years were spent as a few pages of HTML stashed away in hidden directories on whatever server I could get inconspicuous access to. Once ISP's began offering modest bits of server space to their subscribers for "Personal Pages" it moved up a few directories and became a legitimate albeit fourth class citizen on my (eek!) AOL account. In retrospect it is a miracle that it's content escaped the notice of AOL's TOS police but thankfully it survived.

Over the years the site has existed as HTML, ASP, Wordpress, Elgg, Joomla and is now entering into a new era as Concrete5. ReptileMind is continually evolving and it's days of transformation are far from over but for the time being ... dare I say it ...  it's 2016 edition is complete.



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Monday, 18 December 2017

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